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AzureusStats is simply an XML parser for Azureus' statistics file. Written because all other existing solutions were either very incomplete or required JSP and were very difficult to install or modify.

AzureusStats is written in perl and has only one perl module prerequisite, XML::Parser (available from CPAN). Once this module is installed, just drop AzureusStats.cgi into your web server's cgi-bin directory, tell it where to find the XML file, and you're done!

AzureusStats Screenshots

Aggregate statistics for all currently running torrents

Some completed, running, and stalled torrents

Closeup of a running torrent's information

Configuration of Azureus

Located under Preferences -> Statistics, choose a download location, file name, enable peer details and make sure the update rate is something sufficiently low enough. Finally, make sure "Enabled" is checked. Save your changes and Azureus should start building XML files.

Configuration of AzureusStats

Edit AzureusStats.cgi with any editor you'd like (TextEdit and NotePad would do just fine) and scroll down to about like 40 until you find the variable $xmlFile. Simply point that to wherever you are saving/moving your Azureus XML file to, save, and you're done!

Getting Help

AzureusStats no workie? Would you like something added, removed, or improved? Just want to say thanks? Use the forums located on the SourceForge project page and I'll do my best to help you out. Logo